26 years old. Resident of San Diego, California. Happily married with 2 dogs, a rabbit, and a bird. On a journey of healthy living, but enjoys the occasional carne asada burrito. Has a girl crush on Dana Linn Bailey. Loves the color pink, anything Harry Potter (Ravenclaw!), Disney, coloring books, & all that is sweet.

HEIGHT: 5’4”
SW: 237
CW: 204
UGW: 150

Please don’t misunderstand me when I say “UGW”. I’ve never been at a healthy weight in my entire adult life, so that’s where I want to get to & from there, I’ll re-evaluate my fitness goals.

I don’t post anything to gain/maintain followers. It’s mostly fitspo, positive typography, & random humor. Oh and cute, fluffy things. ♥
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I’m sorry I’m so awful. I have literally avoided Tumblr because I’ve been so annoyed with myself for the past few months. I stopped eating healthy & working out and of course my body & my brain have taken the worst toll. I used school & all of the other things going on in my life to be my excuse for why I haven’t put my health first. Now I’m back to where I started and it totally fucking sucks. But whatever. I can’t keep beating myself up for it. I went to the gym today & I’m ready to keep going. I’ll never quit trying. Ever.

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And this is just one of the many reasons I love DLB!

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Look guys! I’ve got guns developing! ;D

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can i please have this shirtttttttttttt <333

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Qimmah Russo is back.

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